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Junodoc Users Manual

Simple Document Creation

This process assumes that you have already added the button and template lookup field to the Salesforce object you plan to use for this demonstration. If that is not the case, please visit the Junodoc Installation Instructions to complete these steps.

Fields Used in the above example:



Adding Upper Body Information to Template

Fields Used in the above example

{!BillingStreet} {!BillingCity} {!BillingState} {!BillingPostalCode}

{!ShippingStreet} {!ShippingCity} {!ShippingState} {!ShippingPostalCode}

{!PoNumber} {!PoDate} {!Description}

Account and Contact Name References

For your reference here are the fields BEFORE we corrected the ID portion for lookup.




Now, we show the correct usage for Junodoc Builder




The custom field created in the above tutorial is : Product2.Name

Using Global Variable Fields in the Document

Updated on August 1, 2020

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