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Installation Guide (Lightning)

Download and Install from Salesforce AppExchange

Make sure you are logged into your Salesforce Org where you wish to install Juno Orders.

NOTE: You will want to confirm that you have the Salesforce Quote object enabled for your org. Click the next step on the right to receive instructions on how to Enable Salesforce Quote Object.

Open a new browser tab and visit the Salesforce App Exchange Juno Orders application listing.

Click the Green “Get It Now” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

You will be prompted to add a payment method for use once the trial period expires. You will not be billed until after the trial period ends. Cancelling your subscription is easy. Subscriptions only run month-to-month, so you are never locked into a long term contract.

For most organizations, the “Install for All Users” option will work best. If you are unsure, you may wish to consult your Salesforce Administrator for guidance.

Juno Orders has additional features available from outside shipping and account vendors you will recognize. Please grant access to these providers.

Juno Orders will install. If you do not have the Salesforce Quote Object enabled in your Org, the install will fail. To enable Salesforce Quotes, please follow these steps.

Enable Salesforce Quote Object

In Salesforce Setup, search for Quote, then click enable.

Select the layout(s) you wish to use Quotes with, along with “Append to users personal related list customization” and hit Save.

At this point, you can return to the installation and complete the install.

Switching to Juno Orders In Salesforce Lightning

Adding Fields to the Account Page Layout

For the Account Layout, you may wish to create a section break and name it Juno Orders. Add the following fields to this newly created section.

  • Account Type
  • Terms

Next, you will scroll to the related list section and add the following Related Lists to the Account layout.

  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotes
  • Feel Free to Add Others including Invoices

Contact Page Layout

For the Contact layout, you may wish to create a section break similar to the one created for the Account layout called Juno Orders. You may then add the following fields to the layout.

  • AP Contact
  • Vendor Contact

Next, you will select the buttons and add the following button to the layout.

  • Create Contact Addresses

Last, you will scroll to the Related List section and add the following related lists.

  • Contact Address
  • Juno Quotes

Product Page Layout

On the product page layout, you’ll likely want the following fields added. You can also create a section break as done previously.

  • Product Price
  • Product Cost
  • Product Stock (optional)
  • Product Type
  • Weight (optional)
  • UPC Code (optional)
  • Product Image (optional)

PDF & Email Templates

The above video demonstrates how to view and manipulate the included templates for Juno Orders.

You will need to upload your logo file to Salesforce using the “Files” app. We recommend not exceeding 100px High or 300px Wide, though the space is there and the choice is yours.

Follow the instructions in the video carefully and you will successfully brand the documents with your company information and logo.

Managing Email Templates

Creating Locations

The Address Location feature allows you to pre-define locations for order deliveries for your business. Your business may have one location or many locations. This is the place where you can create each location and then use these location addresses when creating Purchase Orders. Follow the instructions in the video above to learn how locations may be created.

Using Custom Object Numbers

In the above example, we clicked on the Settings tab in Juno Orders to set the Invoice Number to be 50{0000} on the Object Settings Tab. We also made a change to the PDF Invoice Template and changed to the Invoice_Number__c field name. Make sure you do the same for the email template.

Updated on August 8, 2020

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