Release 1.68

Juno Orders v1.68 Released  04/18/2018

Professional Edition Bug Fixes

Ability to creates invoices manually from Sales Orders

General Bug Fixes

Product cost not being pulled in on quotes
Quantity of shipping on quotes and sales orders not showing on PDF
Quote address lines not editable

Feature Additions

Add Google Maps under addresses in all Objects
Ability to sort line items on Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders
Product SKU field added to all object layouts and PDF templates
Opportunities to use Product Pricing from Juno Orders
Ability to turn an opportunity into a Juno Quote
Name of Opportunity will be copied to the name of the Juno Quote
Opportunity Name (Juno Quote Name) will be added to all other objects
Lighting Sales app “Select Items” Juno Orders Objects
Purchase Order Lines will pull Cost from the Product Cost field automatically

Opportunities Enhancements

Quotes Enhancements

Sales Order Enhancements

Purchase Order Enhancements

Adding Product SKU to Layouts

Adding Sort Order to Layouts

Updated on April 19, 2018

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