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Creating a Path from a List In Salesforce Lightning

Path Settings on Quote Object

       Open the Object on which the Sales rep wants to add the path, Here we are having a quote object for Juno orders.

Steps to Follow

Right-click on the set-up wheel on the right side corner of the page layout.

Select Edit object.

A setup page will appear, select the Home button.

Search for Path Settings in Quick Search, Under User Interface select Path settings.

If the path is not Enabled just Click on Enable Button on Path Setting Page.

Once you Enable it Converts into the New Path button and appears a check box.

Select the check box.

Now select New Path.

A page will open with the following three steps

Name and Record Type

Step 1:  Name the path and choose an object.

Path Name : Quote

API Reference Name : Quote

Object : Quote

Record Type : Master

Picklist : Status

Click Next.

Field and Text

Step 2: Select Fields and Provide Guidance for each step in the path.

Select fields you want to appear for User, Click on Add /Updated Fields.

      Select and Drag Fields From Available Fields to Selected Fields.

      Click on Save Button,

Providing Guidance for success, helps you to remember.

Enter the Text

Click Next


Step 3: Active your Path and enable Celebrations

Active your Path   Enable.

Click Finish.

Now the path is created, go back to the Quote Object and Refresh the page Path will appear on the Page Layout.

Steps if Path Not Found

If you did not find the path then,

Right-click on the Setup Wheel on the top right corner of the page layout.

Select the Edit Page.

A setup page will Open, Now Drag the components into the regions to customize your page layout. Find Path on the left side below the components. Drag it below the compact page layout

Click on Activate and save.

When you go back to the Quote Page Layout path will be displayed.

Sales order

For sales, order repeat the same steps as shown above.

Salesforce Path Feature Allows Administrators the ability to create instructive workflows using the Path bar located at the top of any object. This quick tutorial gives you the basics on how to add a Path for your Salesforce org.

Updated on July 11, 2022

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